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November 15th 2023 will forever mark the day that an open discourse with regards to the jewish-supremacist zionist chokehold, that's been unleashed on the planet, was finally tipped over in the scales of what's considered the public square.

As TikTok and Twitter both obliterated the Overton window on the proverbial jewish question, with Elon, Candace, and Tucker joining in on the debate, alongside the over twenty thousand videos circulating Osama Bin Laden's "A Letter to America" (Full letter here: A Letter to America)

November 15th 2023 is recognized amongst the social media proliferators as the official xDDay.

As the ghost of Bin Laden was risen, so did the surfacing of an American hero who's entire livelihood was destroyed by the zionist entity; the man who ran operations in Afghanistan searching for Bin Laden, The Cheif of The Bin Laden Unit, Dr. Michael Scheuer. And recently, the internet town square had just resurfaced his work for Gen Z and the Normies to admire. Dr. Scheuer has been sounding the alarm on israel for over twenty years, labeling her as "a cancer on America".

Scheuer came out in 2007 in support of Ron Paul, because Ron Paul while running for president (we were honored to have been amongst his delegates and precinct captains during his 2008 campaign) urged America to end the war on Iraq; as then frontrunner Rudy Giuliani attacked him for daring to speak truth to the fact that Muslims hated us because we were destroying the Middle East, supporting israel, and propping up Muslim dictators. Scheuer being the head of Alec Station at the CIA, running operations in Afghanistan to capture Bin Laden, was a major push for then largely unpopular candidate Ron Paul; the republican base was largely as hawkish and gross as today's Nikki Haley is. Turns out Ron Paul was right about everything. Dr. Scheuer who two decades ago had been sparring with the AIPAC boot-licking congress on the israeli issue:

It's important to note that Osama Bin Laden owned and read one of Scheuer's books, and had publicly sent a message telling George Bush to read Scheuer's book to better understand why America was creating so many enemies in the Middle East:

Dr. Scheuer had already written bout the importance of listening to our enemies via his then hard hitting masterpiece "Not Reading Means Losing" fully reviewed in the Journal of the National Security Forum:

Full document here:

Not Reading Means Losing_ The National Security Cost of Ignoring (2) (1)
Download PDF • 746KB

Dr. Scheuer also blew the whistle on how the US Government kept sabotaging his work by CIA allowing the FBI to take documents and intel collected, and telling him to stand down in various chances where him and his team had the ability to take Bin Laden out during their operations in Afghanistan:

The truth when it comes out is so powerful, and the time for the zionist AIPAC boot to come off from America's throat is here... The Goyim of TikTok Know:

With that all being said, we wanted to take this time to thank Dr. Scheuer for his incredible work and heroic sacrifice. A true Patriot.. Something that very few can begin to understand. Every citizen of this globe btw, should absolutely read the most awesome blog; Dr. Scheuer says what everyone is thinking, but not willing to say out loud. You can find his entries and his books at his official blog:

We are honored to be working with Dr. Scheuer and Col. Mike; Network Radio is the official producer and platform of their Two Mikes show:

Lastly, you will want to hear what he has to say about Israel's involvement in 9/11 with an interview featuring Khanverse (writer of 9/11 Missing Links, and the guy who JPilled Andrew Anglin - the POWERFUL man behind Daily Stormer). Full interview is here:

In conclusion we want to send out thoughts and prayers to the people of Gaza; the very people we have been massacring and geocoding by proxy through israel, is they are at the very moment sacrificing their very lives fighting the zog that is subverting and destroying our country. The zionists have no qualms about destroying and killing Americans:

Christians need to understand that Muslims believe in Jesus, as the Quran mentions Jesus five times more than Muhammad, has an entire chapter on Jesus, Mary; the virgin birth.

Muslims also believe that Jesus has ascended and will be returning as The Messiah to unite all believers as they wage war to destroy evil and slay the Antichrist.

The Quran also has revelations that apply today, and are eliminating the out-of-context myth that they are supposed to kill Christians.

With that, here are some verses to leave with you with:

The Holy Quran

On jews' cowardice and how they only will fight behind walls and armor, just as they only use fighter jets and send Americans to do their dirty work. They also are unwilling to march in a ground war:

On how jews will appear to be the most egregious against Muslims and that the Christians will be gracious because they are not arrogant:

A verse that illustrates why and how the people of Gaza can have such resolve; this world is finite, and whether victory is within reach or not, God will reward accordingly as the hereafter is forever:

Islam encouraging people to stand up to evil, and that for each good person, they will overcome and defeat 10x their enemy. Gaza on the military front, have proven that without doubt when you count so far how 30 Hamas martyrs, have so far taken out over 1500 IDF soldiers despite all their firepower:

A revelation that the truth has come and now is the hour to expose all evil, as the Great Awakening is upon us:

PS: we also want to acknowledge all the good people of the Jewish faith that have been actively exposing the the zionist usurpers, and to also say once Palestine is liberated, all the indigenous people of the Jewish religion will be welcomed to live alongside their Muslim brothers and sisters in peace, as they always did. There is a difference, between jews, and Jews.

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