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Welcome to The Layer Cake

The question on everyone's mind is, "How?"

System Failure?

These people are fighting for something substantive. This is how they outwitted the 6th most powerful military on the planet. And every single government around them whether it be western or Arab, is against them except Syria and Iran. Yet they still fight!

Mossad Stand down?

Failure or intentional blindness vis-a-vis 9/11 + Pearl Harbor?

An Egyptian intelligence official said the Israeli government was warned about "something big" before the Hamas attacks."We have warned them an explosion of the situation is coming, and very soon," the official told the AP. The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the claim "absolutely false."

If these intelligence agencies are all so incompetent, why even fund them or listen to them at all?

zionist boot lickers of israel AKA dual citizen congress and corrupt sellouts can't help but you Americans last and israelis first:

The large deployment reflects a U.S. desire to deter any regional expansion of the conflict. But the Israeli government formally declared war Sunday and gave the green light for “significant military steps” to retaliate against Hamas.

“I asked them if they have denied any requests that Israel has made, and they said no. I urged them to ensure Israel has everything it needs to protect itself, and reiterated that the Senate stands ready to deliver on additional needs,” he said.

In the U.S. House, leaders of the Foreign Affairs Committee were preparing a bipartisan resolution that says it “stands with Israel” and condemns “Hamas’ brutal war.” The resolution is expected to be among the first items considered for voting once the House elects a new speaker.

EVERY SINGLE ONE is a sellout

Meet new speaker, same as the old speaker:

FOX + Neocons back where they feel, comfortable being boot lickers for israel and trusting us further into middle-eastern wars.

The israeli/Palestinian conflict has been a tremendous expose on all of your favorite politicians whom have eagerly taken off their masks.

Ask yourself, how is it that the entire mockingbird media apparatus, the neocons, libtards, and the political assets ALL have come together in bowing down to bootlick israel?

8 BILLION was sent within nano-seconds, and an aircraft carrier mobilized without a mere thought.

From Rep Matt Gaetz to Kari Lake to you name it, all have shown their true allegiance to our "greatest ally"... the same greatest ally that killed Kennedy, did 9/11, spies on our country, and subverts our intel to China.

Crocodile Tears

The Entire World's a Graveyard

Enter WWIII?

Albert Pike Predicted all three WW

Eyes on Tehran

Nasser Kan’ani made the remarks during a press conference in the capital Tehran in response to the latest anti-Iran comments by US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham on X, formerly known as Twitter, the previous evening.

Graham accused Tehran of being behind the large-scale surprise attack by members of Hamas and other Gaza-based resistance fighters against Israel, writing that “Iran should pay dearly for any escalation directed at Israel.”

“An attack by Hezbollah, and other Iranian proxies, would be devastating to Israeli defense systems. If such an attack occurs, Israel and the United States should go after the Iranian oil refineries and oil infrastructure - which is the lifeblood of the Iranian economy,” the American lawmakers added.

Eyes on DPRK:


Hezbollah steps up

Iraq steps up

Yemen steps up:

Yemen's Ansarullah says the UAE ZOG should have kept silent on Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, instead of revealing its hideous face and gutting the Palestinian Resistance from behind. The Yemeni Islamic Resistance further stated that Abu Dhabi is OPENLY involved in the illegitimate Jewish entity's massacres of the Palestinian people and that Palestine, nor Yemen, will tolerate collaborators!
We just have one simple question: Are Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi and his men about to enter the war in defense of Palestine?!

Eyes on China

Worth sending your blood and treasure to die for the men with small hats?

One month later:

What else do they say about the Goyim?

What about Europe?

See Below:

Why are the Palestinians so angry?

Der Fuhrer was extremely precise on his analysis of how the tumor state started:

War Crimes are not a concern. Neither are civilian lives, chemical weapons, or any means of mass genocide

The Entire city under siege

Cutting off water

White Phospherous

As the Israeli regime continues attacks on Gaza that have had a devastating impact on the region, causing widespread destruction and suffering, videos have gone viral on social media sites showing the use of banned white phosphorus bombs by the regime on densely populated areas in northern Gaza, Palestine, Free Press Kashmir reports.

Not to be trusted

These "terrorist rapists"

Released prisoner admits and tells a story of how she was treated on israeli television

Military vs civilian

Top is Resistance, below is the zionist occupiers: cowards at the bottom. Freedom fighters at the top.

They smash complete cities, meanwhile the Palestinian resistance act with precision against aggressor occupiers and military targets:

Sit back and enjoy the work of God's Army

Intelligence Reversed

Freedom Fighter Tunnels to Surface Air Missiles - Viva La Resistance!

Tribute to the young brave soldier martyrs fighting for their families and freedoms

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The final two minutes of the operation of a Palestinian young fighter who stored the occupation checkpoint with a bulldozer and documented his operation via live broadcast in the city of Al-Khalil at dawn today. May the brave young solider/martyr rets in paradise.

Run for Shelter II by Madd Cold

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