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Boom Goes The JQ

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

(Click above play button for podcast video)

Stunning blog entry by 25 year CIA intelligence operator and former Cheif of The Bin Laden Unit, Dr. Michael Scheuer.

In this post he throws the kitchen sink and goes HAM on the JQ.

Here are some links mentioned in the video: Dr. Michel Scheuer latest blog entry calling out the JQ. Dr. Michael Scheuer warns Trump of insurrection in 2019 Video (prior to Covid, lockdowns, and George Floyd). Ron Paul and Michael Scheuer offer a homework assignment to Rudy Giuliani regarding 9/11 video Bin Laden reads Dr. Michael Scheuer's work video.

Link to General Thomas McInerney interview where he drops bombshell on Michael Scheuer’s podcast (November 2nd 2020) regarding “Hammer and Scorecard“ software, and how the deep state will use it to flip the votes for Biden on Election Day (November 3 2020).

The ADL hates this post, hates freedom, and most definitely hates YOU.

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