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BREAKING VIDEO Fauci/HHS Officials Discuss Using New Virus From China To Force World Vaccine 10/2019

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

This video will make your blood boil. These subhuman rodents sit around and openly discuss what is needed in order to force the global populace into being pumped with untested and non-proven cocktails.

Two months later, the exact situation that was discussed emerges, and within two years of situation, we are precisely at their described scenario.

No words can express the level of depravity and moral bankruptcy here. These people (if you can call them that) are beyond sociopathic mad scientists; they are the pure embodiment of all evil on this planet, and they deserve the death penalty. Military Tribunals should be in order at sunny Cuba, where freshly pressed Orange Jumpsuits await them, complimentary of the United States Navy.

But if the state won’t prosecute these Godless vermin, then I’m afraid it will be up to the citizenry to take them into the streets and place their heads on the proverbial sticks for all to see. Every day more and more evidence of their crimes surfaces either via leaked documents, whistleblowers, or FOIA requests.

How is the global media not covering this, and how is it that there are no fits of rage from the government officials that were elected to protect us? Where is the accountability? Make no mistake that the thread of lies is very short, and all will eventually come to light.

The Pedophile-In-Cheif AKA Joe ’The Child Groper’ Biden as well as the entirety of his administration are walking a thin rope at the moment; because when we veer off of this cliff that his puppet masters are aggressively steering us towards, Americans will absolutely have had more than enough and they will demand blood.

This republic is at what’s historically known as the “Fourth Turning”. And the Tree Of Liberty is not just thirsty; it’s parched! Our basic human rights have been completely stripped, with more to come.

Zero your rifles Anons/Patriots; it is now very clear we’re moving dangerously close to the next chapter… either we fall completely under the Zionist Protocols and become a collapsed society of Goyim for the communist Globohomo banking cartel, or we hold the political elite accountable and keep what God inherited to us as what was once a Constitutional Republic.

Pray for peace and justice, because it is no longer Left vs Right; it’s Good vs Evil:

On one side there will be a Global Reset via the New World Order, and on the other is the Great Awakening via We The People.

It is Satan vs God. And in the end God wins.

Heil Victory!

”The Tree Of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants“ -Thomas Jefferson

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