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Emergency announcement: On May 22nd, the US will cede it's sovereignty (what's left of it) to the Global initiatives; The United Nations/The World Health Organization.

Todd Callender has been sounding the alarm and doing the rounds.

Network Radio is scheduled to interview Mr. Callender tomorrow. Mr. Callender interviewed on the Two Mikes podcast, and it will be uploaded tomorrow as well.

Who is Todd Callender?

(Re-posting an utmost pertinent video)

An international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global challenge. No single government or institution can address the threat of future pandemics alone.

A convention, agreement or other international instrument is legally binding under international law. An agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response adopted under the World Health Organization (WHO) would enable countries around the globe to strengthen national, regional and global capacities and resilience to future pandemics

Neither individual governments nor the global community can entirely prevent pandemics. But the international community needs to be much better prepared and better aligned in responding to possible future pandemics across the entire cycle of detection, alarm and response.

An international convention, agreement or other international instrument on pandemics would support and focus on:

  • early detection and prevention of pandemics

  • resilience to future pandemics

  • response to any future pandemics, in particular by ensuring universal and equitable access to medical solutions, such as vaccines, medicines and diagnostics

  • a stronger international health framework with the WHO as the coordinating authority on global health matters

  • the "One Health" approach, connecting the health of humans, animals and our planet

More specifically, such an instrument can enhance international cooperation in a number of priority areas, such as surveillance, alerts and response, but also in general trust in the international health system.