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Elon Musk taking on Big Tech, or Elon the controlled opposition?

Elon Musk The Untold Story

Nurolink and Transhumanism:

In April 2017, Neuralink announced that it was aiming to make devices to treat serious brain diseases in the short-term,

with the eventual goal of human enhancement, sometimes called transhumanism.[14][6][15]

Musk had said his interest in the idea partly stemmed from the science fiction concept of "neural lace" in the fictional universe in The Culture, a series of 10 novels by Iain M. Banks.[15][16]

Musk defined the neural lace as a "digital layer above the cortex" that would not necessarily imply extensive surgical insertion but ideally an implant through a vein or artery.[17]

He said the long-term goal is to achieve "symbiosis with artificial intelligence",[18]which he perceives as an existential threat to humanity if it goes unchecked.

Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and The 5th Column

I'll take what is the "Synagogue of Satan" for 6 gorillion, Alex.

What about Cov19 and Israel?

NIH Study+++

The Khazarian Talmudic Satanists in their own words:

Mossad + Hollywood + CIA + Operation Mockingbird + Operation Paperclip

The Rothchild Banking Cartel AKA The War Machine and the takeover of Palestine

King of England letter to Lionel Walter Rothchild's request (AKA The Belfort Declaration):

Do Not Criticize Israel, Zionism, or your Overlords, Goy.

Lara Logan blasted as "Anti-Semitic" for criticizing The Rothschilds

“Does anyone know who employed Darwin, where Darwinism comes from?” Logan, now with Fox News’ streaming service Fox Nation, asked. “Look it up: The Rothschilds. It goes back to 10 Downing Street"

Authentic Jews Speak Out Against The Khazarian Takeover

Dr. Norman Finkelstein on the Anti-Semitic and Holocaust industry:

Norman G. Finkelstein exposes the corruption of scholarship and the contrivance of controversy shrouding human rights abuses, and interrogates the new anti-Semitism

Drawing on a wealth of untapped sources, he exposes the double shakedown of European countries and legitimate Jewish claimants, and concludes that the Holocaust industry has become an outright extortion racket.

Our Leaders Have No Faith // Allegiance to Judeo-Christian values or to Zionism/Statism/Israel War Machine?

Israel, Our "Greatest Ally" AKA The Only Democracy In The Middle East

The Dancing Palestinians by Trump?

Zalinski Is A Card Carrying Tribe Member

Ukraine // The Great Famine

All Part Of The Great Reset

What Me Worry?

It's on purpose // When they say food shortage, they mean it:

An A-List recipe for famine:

1) 4/19/22 - Fire destroyed Azure Standard headquarters in Oregon, the largest independent food distributor in the US

2) 4/14/22 - Taylor Farms packaging building in Salinas, CA deemed a total loss

3) 4/13/22 - Plane crashes into Idaho potato and food processing plant

4) 4/11/22 - Crews battled fire for 16 hours at East Conway Beef and Pork, New Hampshire

5) 3/31/22 - Massive warehouse fire at large fresh onion packing facility Rio Fresh in south


6) 3/24/22 - Massive Potato Processing Plant Fire Burns In Belfast, Maine

7) 3/19/22 - Fire destroys Walmart distribution center, Plainfield Indiana

8) 3/19/22 - 50,000 lb of food destroyed after fire ripped through Maricopa, AZ Food Pantry

9) 2/22/22 - 7 Injured in Explosion as Fire Engulfs Shearer's Food Plant, Hermiston Oregon

10) 2/16/22 - Louis Dreyfus reports fire at largest U.S. soy processing plant, Claypool Indiana

11) 1/14/22 - Explosion and Fire Reported at Cargill-Nutrena Feed Mill, Lecompte, LA


a) 4/18/22 - Union Pacific significantly cuts fertilizer shipments during spring planting season

b) 27 million chickens and turkeys - and counting - are being culled because of bird flu

Russia Russia Russia

Russia Reiterates Biolabs

Zakharova said Russia had documents showing that the Ukrainian health ministry had ordered the destruction of samples of plague, cholera, anthrax and other pathogens after Feb. 24.

What else is Putin up to, and why are they attacking him so hard, aside from the fact that he's Christian?


What say you, Elon?

Censoring Russia

Gonzalo Lira MIA

Stop using DuckDuckGo


Top 10 free Alternatives to DuckDuckGo search engine

Censorship // The White Genocide

What would the news look like if these people were white? (notice the timeline proximity)

If the cucked out General Milley wants to understand "white rage" take a good look at how whites are demonized, while blacks get away with mass murder, literally.

The Media Operators Make It Blatant

Touching on Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars make sure to catch up on this subject here:

We are in the "humiliation phase"

The U.S. Air Force recently unveiled a new program called “Airmen’s Time.” Among other things, the new Air Force program aims to create a “safe space” where service members can share perspectives with their commanders.

Laptop From Hell Media Collusion

It Had To Be This Way

You Are The Plan

Bottom-Up Nationwide Insurrection

#DarkMAGA Is Upon Us

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

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