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Interactive Food Destruction Map video:

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This is an interactive map that shows all the reported food supply incidents.

[make sure to click the link at the bottom in order to be able to interaction with the map/information]

Sample: Map shows world wide but this is zoomed onto the US

Sample #164

Sourced article:

Source: https://county17.com/2021/01/07/barn-destroyed-in-fire/

The interactive map has filters by type of food source i.e warehouse, plant, farm.. etc.

You can click on each one and it will give you the brief as well as a link to the news source cited.

Over 600 instances on this map (the author has read/watched every article to confirm it) that you can look up to validate. We have validated many of them but please feel free to comment and let us know of any errors.

They have many more that they're trying to add. Almost 400 are just in 2022 so far. Please see below for the link to the map and the details about it.

• TIME FRAME: 01/01/2021 – 06/20/2022

• REASONS: Fire/Explosion, Disease, Permanently Closing, Vandalism, Hacked and Government Ordered

• PROOF: Attached to each pin on the map has Name, Location, Date, Reason and a Link to each article/video/news story (this is so they cannot explain it away)

• TRENDS: Most buildings are either damaged or completely destroyed by fires or explosions, in the middle of the night & have no reason regarding what started the fire.

Please see below for the list of colors and what each one represents. I have not entered the Greenhouses, chemical plants, or food recalls yet but I’m working on it.




FUSCIA – HACKED – Any company that produces food/gas/electricity/water that is hacked




WHITE – DESTROYED/EUTHANIZED/BANNED (Any food that is destroyed and/or banned OR when animals are euthanized due to disease)

Link: https://www.zeemaps.com/view?group=4410859&x=-89.849631&y=44.059004&z=14

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