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How deep do the cartels run in the US?

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Going to the public stratosphere

A look at the landscape

Investigators confiscated 28 firearms, of which six were stolen, three hand grenades, multiple high-capacity magazines including one 200 round “drum” magazine, armor piercing ammunition, body armor with rifle rated ballistic armor plates, and $450,000 in U.S. currency.

The following items were discovered when investigators searched the Kearney Street address, according to the indictment:
  • Three hand grenades

  • Two AR-15 rifles

  • Two 9mm pistols

  • 12-gauge shotgun

  • AK-47 rifle

  • Firearm suppressor

  • Two bulletproof vests

  • About 171.21 grams of cocaine

  • About 1,521 grams of heroin

  • About 3,976.81 grams of meth

  • About 3,184.43 grams of 30 milligram fentanyl pills (about 41,500 pills)

  • About 39 pounds of marijuana

  • Chevrolet Corvette

Mexican Cartels running the drug operation

Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador struggled on Friday to explain his government's capitulation to organized crime after Mexican authorities buckled in the face of an armed campaign of terror and released drug kingpin Ovidio Guzmán López just hours after capturing him.

Guzmán López, believed to be in his late twenties, is the son of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, Mexico's most famous drug trafficker, who is now serving life in a U.S. prison.

Ovidio Guzmán López, sometimes known as “El Chapito,” is also being sought for extradition to the U.S. to face drug trafficking charges, thought to have taken over leading the Sinaloa cartel with his brothers.

The attempt to arrest Guzman on Thursday led to wild shootouts on the streets of Culiacán, the state capital of Sinaloa, about 1,200 kilometers northwest of Mexico City. At least eight people were killed and more than 20 others were wounded, authorities said on Friday.

Mexico's president justified his government's decision to surrender Guzmán.

“The capture of one criminal cannot be worth more than the lives of people,” he said during a news conference Friday. “This decision was made to protect citizens.... We do not want deaths. We do not want war.”

Remember Fast And Furious? Notice the date in above article (2016)

The ATF isn’t all bad. In fact, they had a policy of letting illegal gun purchases go between 2006 and 2011. It ended up getting U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry killed on December 14, 2010, and let Mexican criminals get enough guns that they were found at over 150 crime scenes where Mexican citizens were either killed or maimed. And some of the guns were used in the November 2015 terrorist attack in Paris at the Bataclan.

The weapons have been used in several high-profile crimes in Mexico, including the use of a .50-cal against a Mexican police helicopter and the murder of a Mexican beauty queen.

On June 20, 2012, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted to recommend holding Holder in contempt of Congress. This was related to 1,300 pages of documents that the Department of Justice refused to hand over to Congress. Earlier that day, and at the request of close personal friend Holder,

In a letter Tuesday to Obama, Holder formally requested presidential intervention, citing "significant, damaging consequences" in releasing the documents and "separation of powers concerns."

They did so as

22 attorneys general have called on Biden to designate the two cartels as foreign terrorist organizations after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott did so last September.

Other governors have yet to follow his lead.

The sheriffs argue the cartels have caused the deaths of 35 times more Americans than those killed by terrorists on 9/11, citing over 100,000 Americans who’ve died from opioid poisonings, including fentanyl, in one year’s time. The opioid and fentanyl crisis, they argue, “has caused 35 more times the amount of death to American citizens in a one-year period than was inflicted upon the U.S. on September 11th by Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden.”

“Despite the incredible number of deaths, which can be directly attributed to the trafficking of illegal narcotics into the United States by the Mexican Cartels, there has been little call to action or change in foreign policy to address this alarming issue,” they said.

The Sinaloa and JNGC cartels oversee sophisticated transnational criminal operations “fueled by fear, terror, intimidation, extortion, and murder,” the sheriffs argue, and are “directly responsible for the increases in deaths, human trafficking, sex trafficking, and unprecedented violence occurring in cities and counties across our nation.”


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