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How deep do the cartels run in the US?

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Going to the public stratosphere

A look at the landscape

Investigators confiscated 28 firearms, of which six were stolen, three hand grenades, multiple high-capacity magazines including one 200 round “drum” magazine, armor piercing ammunition, body armor with rifle rated ballistic armor plates, and $450,000 in U.S. currency.

The following items were discovered when investigators searched the Kearney Street address, according to the indictment:
  • Three hand grenades

  • Two AR-15 rifles

  • Two 9mm pistols

  • 12-gauge shotgun

  • AK-47 rifle

  • Firearm suppressor

  • Two bulletproof vests

  • About 171.21 grams of cocaine

  • About 1,521 grams of heroin

  • About 3,976.81 grams of meth

  • About 3,184.43 grams of 30 milligram fentanyl pills (about 41,500 pills)

  • About 39 pounds of marijuana