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Shoutout to Peter Ordinary for another excellent video/find. Follow him on IG: @peter.ordinary

Ukranian PM officially anounces they're fighting for the "New World Order" and that if Ukraine fails, the rest of the countries will fail.

Australian political candidate Ricccardo Bosi re-iterates it but with the different perspective in mind. It's all about optics at this point:

CIA Began collaborating with NAZI Ukranians in 1946 to counteract Communist Russia. The West had been pro Ukrainian NAZI since then, and Putin is correct in calling this out.

The Nuremberg Trials spared Ukranian NAZI's and assisted in hiding and protecting them from the KGB.

Cold War Allies: The Origins of CIA's Relationship with Ukrainian Nationalists


Biolab Papers

Full Oliver Stone Documentary "Ukraine On Fire" constantly being pulled down. (Credit for Tambi-710 for bringing this to light):

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