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Restoring Sound Medicine and Privacy with Twila Brase

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Registered and Public Health Nurse Twila Brase, who is director of the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF; which is based in Minnesota.


The CCHF is currently marking its 25th anniversary. Ms. Brase is a registered nurse as well as a public-health nurse.


Ms. Brase noted that one of the major goals of the CCHF is to ensure that patients know which choices in choosing health care offer the greatest protection to both their health and from government interference and tracking. She noted, for example when the choice between Medicare and Medicare-Advantage is opened again in January 2024, it is important for customers remember that although Medicare Advantage is a bit less expensive, it is run entirely by the health industry and so can be more arbitrary in denying or delaying a treatment recommended by a patient’s physician.


Ms. Brase also urged Americans not to apply for a Real ID Card because it is designed for the purpose of proving your identity for any entity that requires it across the country. The card is made to order to allow the federal government to track and database every aspect of a person’s life not just medical related data. To avoid this danger, citizens in the 46 states that have refused to use the Real ID, can get their state’s driver license embossed with a gold star in the top right corner and use it for identifying themselves. Using the starred driver’s license also prevents the federal government from using the all-disclosing Real ID card to cancel your license if it gets perturbed with you.


Ms. Brase also said that the CCHF is in favor off and working to reestablish America’s traditional “cash-based health system”, one in which insurance companies paid the patient for a doctor’s services and, in turn, the patient pays the doctor. Such an arrangement allows greater freedom of choice for patients choosing a doctor and allows the doctor to get out from under the controlling thumbs of big hospitals and big pharma and treat their patients using the entire range of possible treatments and not the more limited “protocol” provided by the health-care industries.


More information about this CCHF effort and its progress can be had at


Twila Brase also has written the following excellent book: Big Brother in the Exam Room: The Dangerous Truth about Electronic Health Records. It is available at Amazon at:



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