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The CCP As The Fifth Column with Col. Lawrence Sellin

Today, The Two Mikes welcomed back U.S. Army Colonel (ret’d) and Doctor Lawrence Sellin to discuss Chinese-U.S. arrangements, and especially the nature of what amounts to an incremental populating of the United States with ethnic Chinese loyal to Beijing, a force that will be available for use against the republic when Chinese President Xi decides to act. In the past two years, substantial numbers of military-age Chinese men have entered the United States from Panama, Mexico, and from Cuba, the latter moving from Cuba to the Bahamas and then by ship to the United States. These will-be soldiers have been assisted into America by the UN, the Red Cross, Soros-money, and homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas and his thugs. Mayorkas latter also visits the special camps built – by the U.S.? – for illegals arriving in Panama bound for the U.S. Dr. Sellin also explained that a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organization called the United Front (UF) manages the entry of Chinese illegals into the United States and remains in contact with them through multiple organizations that China and the UF have created in the United States. These assets operate in the fields of business, real estate, academics, university students, U.S.-based companies with Chinese ownership, longstanding pro-PRC community groups in the largest U.S. cities, and probably members of the PLA and Chinese intelligence based in the United States. Dr. Sellin also describes the help that China has received in establishing this 5th column in the United States from each Democratic president since Carter. As always, Dr. Sellin has hard facts to back up what he says. He is a man that all Americans interested in saving the republic from "enemies foreign and domestic" ought to be listening to. Sponsors CARES Act Stimulus (COVID-19) Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERC):

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