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Updated: Jun 27, 2022

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Jeremy Brown Message Smuggled Out of Prison

Jeremy Brown's short opening clip:

Jeremy Brown's full message:

The Image That Strikes Terror Into The Hearts of The Deep State

Jeremy Brown's website:

Unconventional Warfare Pocket Guide

Link to full PDF:

Unconventional Warfare Pocket Guide_v1 0_Final_6 April 2016
Download PDF • 1.07MB

Joint Publication (JP) 3-05.1 defines UW as: Activities conducted to enable a resistance movement or insurgency to coerce, disrupt or overthrow a government or occupying power by operating through or with an underground, auxiliary, and guerrilla force in a denied areaStreaming Live at ( 10:45am PST)

The Domestic enemy AKA Deep State's foot soldiers that actually threaten and commit real violence, get released without bail by the Soros' appointed DA's:

Garrett Smith charges dropped

Garrett James Smith, the antifa member accused of bringing a destructive device to a right-wing rally in Clearwater, Fla. on Jan. 6, 2022, was released without bail to his parent's gated community home in the East Lake Woodlands on Feb. 10. His hired attorney filed a motion with the state for his client's mandatory release because the three felony counts related to making or possessing a destructive device were still pending.

White Christians get persecuted for quoting the scripture and using offensive language

Tyler Dinsmoor's video:

Free speech is a blowout valve to release frustration and serves as a very important tool.

Tyler did NOT threaten violence or killing the LGBTQWERTY-Keyboard people:

Link to video source from Gab account:

Arrest Summary article

Overkill, to send a message to all Christians or those that oppose the Globohomo agenda:

The government sent officers from seven law enforcement agencies, responders from two federal agencies, multiple armored vehicles, a negotiating team, and a police helicopter, to arrest Tyler.

Island County prosecutor Greg Banks charged Tyler with a felony “hate crime” on June 15.

Oak Harbor Detective Sgt. Jennifer Gravel, in her report quoted in the Whidbey News-Times article, slandered Tyler as a “racist,” “sexist,” and “anti-Semite.” Gravel, echoing Chief Dresker, wrote that Dinsmoor is “an extreme risk to the public.” Again, she noted that he owns firearms. She recommended that Tyler be ordered to submit to a psychological evaluation.

Tyler is on 1 MILLION dollar bail and sits in solitary confinement.

Help out Tyler:

"I have GabPay ( - the email address is - I can always accept payment that way. I have a few seat cushions available but I am mostly out of products until this winter, (if I can still source raw skins)."

Link to Tyler Dinsmoor's Gab account:

The Domestic Enemy arm of the Deep State

Churches and pro life get fire-bombed... crickets; and worse, the threat is supposedly from the "far right-wing" extremists

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a memo in May, warning of violence coming from the far-right against abortion clinics and providers as the Supreme Court gets ready to hand down the ruling that’s expected to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The memo states that abortion-related violence historically has been driven by anti-abortion extremists and that this time could be related to recent talk of replacement ‘theory.’

“Some racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists’ embrace of pro-life narratives may be linked to the perception of wanting to ‘save white children’ and ‘fight white genocide,'” the memo said.

Beware of controlled opposition grifters and rodents

Ben Shapiro the chosenite whom has dinners with fellow chosenite Mark Zuckerberg on patriots:

Benjamin Shapiro doesn't get canceled for some reason...


Stop trusting FOX and other deep state shills

What me worry?

Why the domestic enemies fear us.

They are scared because we are beginning to shape our own truth, the real truth. The truth they can't deny. While they print fake news and lose control, WE ARE THE NEWS NOW.

What happened in WWII?

General Patton said "We defeated the wrong enemy"... are we being told the truth?

Ron Paul recently questioned who actually won WWII (will edit link in once we sift through the episodes)

See the difference between National Socialism and the Globo-homo "democracy" of the NWO?

These meme wars are shattering their reality and so they need more power of control. FAST.

Keep up the good work, Patriots.

Their people are protected

That might be a fake account, but what about reality with and hard facts?

Red Flag Laws? Crack and firearms? The Diary.... etc.

The Deep State domestic enemies have waged war against us

MATT GAETZ: Call me old-fashioned, but I thought the heaviest artillery an IRS agent would need would be a calculator. I imagine the IRS in green eyeshades and cubicles — not busting doors down and emptying Glock clips on our fellow Americans. Certainly it's troubling that in

2022 alone, the IRS has spent around $725,000 on ammunition. So here's the Biden plan: Disarm Americans, open the border, empty the prisons — but rest assured, they'll still collect your taxes, and they need $725,000 worth of ammunition, apparently, to get the job done.

Remember their lies:

Bill gates casually admits that Covid isn't nearly as deadly or dangerous as they thought... of course this is after they destroyed the world and families:

The Deep State have been exposed time and again for lying, and are waging the war that Jeremy Brown is telling us about:


Bottom-Up Political Insurgency


Andrew Taake

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