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The Goyim Know

Updated: Dec 9, 2021


A clip from an interview with Maria Farmer (one of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s victims).

It’s been already proven that Epstein and Maxwell’s father were both Israeli Mossad operatives, and that this was most likely a blackmail Honeypot.

That said, it’s pretty wild that one of the biggest trials of our lifetime which contains details of a global elite Sex trafficking and pedophile ring, revolving around Mossad assets and leaders like the Clinton’s, has just concluded in a dead silence within one week and only three testimonies.

Epstein‘s fake suicide death, hunter’s laptop containing pedophilia, Ashley Biden’s diary being authentic and that it is written in there that Joe Biden would take inappropriate showers with her, the fact that Biden owns an island just down the stream from Epstein’s Pleasure Island, Bill Clinton’s 17 trips aboard Epstein’s Lolita Express jet, Ghislaine having a front row seat at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding… the list is countless. Yet the media sits silent on the most explosive content in history which could bring their trash ratings and much needed viewership through the roof.

And Twitter also just suspended the largest account bringing information to the public regarding the trial details.

Now then, we have a light being shed on the Talmudic horror show that‘s been dominating the planet with its globalist banking cartel, organ harvesting through China, child sex trafficking rings, and white Christian genocide… safe to say that if the Goyim didn’t know, now they do.

The Jewish American community is obligated to denounce Jewish Supremacy and denounce these globalist elite pedophiles and their Talmudic mercenaries. Just as Muslims had to continuously denounce Islamic terrorists.

The 1% hate this video coming out, they hate the Goyim waking up, and they wish this Epstein business was never exposed.

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