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The Noticing with Leather Apron Club

Updated: May 8

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with the host of the "Leather Apron Club", which is on Youtube.

The program is startlingly frank and well-researched, and its host is an articulate and erudite young man.

He takes on and researches issues that are "sensitive" in today's America, and his discoveries will confound those -- especially on the left -- who believe they are the smartest people ever born, that they have the final answer on all questions, and who claim that those who disagree are misinformers and subversives, leaving no necessity for further investigation or debate.

LAC's programs, for example, document that some research of today's major online talk shows  the preponderance of the interviewed guests are Jewish, and thereby provide another avenue to spread their already excessive influence in the public square. In looking into a recent movie that depicted Alexander the Great and the societies ancient Greece and Rome as being heavily homosexualized and otherwise depraved, LAC research found that was very short of truth and so it was very bad history, and, again, another of the mandatory beliefs of the Woke Reich that seeks to oversee all Americans.

A final example of the LAC's fine research and presentation of fact in one of its episodes, lies in its excellent truth-filled program demonstrating that ending slavery was neither the sole cause of the Civil War, the primary goal that the North fought the war to attain, nor the sole thing the South sought to protect. In this episode the LAC went on to explain the variety of factors and irritations that brought America to war in 1861, most born via economics, expansionism, tariffs, the mangling of the U.S. Constitution, the executive branch's gradual accumulation of excessive powers, and the North's imperial attitude toward nation building.

There is no doubt that slavery and the ravings of the mad, hateful, and war-wanting Northern abolitionists contributed to the tragedy of the Civil War, but it was very far from the most important cause of the war. Indeed, Lincoln, for example, promised to protect slavery where it existed in his first inaugural, saying that he would only invade to collect tariffs.

Lincoln probably realized that if war came he would not be able to form even a single corps of infantry if he identified the war as a focused crusade to free the slaves. To speak of slavery as the cause of the Civil War is unjust to our ancestors and ahistorical in the extreme, but that deliberately false idea is a mainin cog in the resolute machine that has bastardized American history today at all levels of American education, politics, and almost all of the media, over all of which the Woke Reich currently prevails.

Music Credit: Taylor Swift – Anti-Hero



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