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Todd Callender Marches Towards Victory

Today, The Two Mikes spoke again with U.S. military veteran and lawyer Todd Callender, who brought us the good news that his case in defense of U.S. military personnel who were forced to take the lethal Covid vaccinations has been docketed by the Supreme Court and will be considered.


Mr. Callender's case uses a legal precedent that found that the use of MRNA changed that person's DNA thus making him or her new person. In essence, when the trial is heard, the Court will have to decide if the maker/owner of the MRNA now owns the new person created via its use. 


At long last, the federal government's murderous decision that all military personnel must be inoculated is under direct review, and it may well emerge that the senior members of the government's health bureaucracy and the military's medical establishment knowingly injected the poison into millions of Americans.


On a worrying note, Mr. Callender reported that if a new pandemic and shutdown is declared the U.S. military's medical arm will exercise the U.S. government's enforcement powers, suggesting that all Americans will be treated as much or more cruelty as the military used to treat its own.


Mr. Callender also is continuing his organization's investigation into the nearly complete lack of any hard evidence that Biden, his vice-president and cabinet members, or the senior bureaucrats and diplomats Biden appointed, have actually signed an oath-of-office form which acts as tangible reinforcement of the oath of office that is orally sworn to before a judge or another senior U.S. officials.


Without that signed proclamation of loyalty to the United States and its Constitution, Biden, the  vice president, and most senior U.S. officials across the government are defrauding the U.S. and its people, perhaps hoping that by not signing the required form, they can steer clear of treason charges for the great crimes in which they have been sponsored and/or are participated in. 

Opening music credit: Noah Kahan, Hozier - Northern Attitude



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