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Aegis Cyber Defense with Charlie Trig

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Charlie Trig who founded and owns a cyber-security company called Aegis Cyber Defense Systems (


Mr. Trig is a software and web developer who started the Aegis company and developed a product called Aegis Cyber Defense, which is especially designed to help small businesses protect themselves against cyber and ransomware attacks. Once installed, the company's app also helps the computer’s own anti-virus system more effectively. The defense system is self-installed by the user after purchase.


The system consists of a shield that prevents attacks from 780 million IPs that the company has identified as a hacking site and which is updated every 30 minutes. Overall he said, about 18-percent of the Internet is home to nefarious actors. Mr. Trig said that his own company’s computer infrastructure is protected by the application and has been hit by up to 30,000 attacks per day and has never been violated.


Mr. Trig noted that, in much of the world, hackers are assisted by the national governments. This phenomenon is common in the EU – with The Netherlands in the lead in hacker aid – and other European countries like Romania. The Russian and Chinese governments, too, support various hacker organizations in their countries.


In addition, in the United States and many other countries in the world, hosting companies – even famous ones – are rather indifferent toward protecting their customers from hackers.Music Credit: The Killers – Human




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