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The Honorable Patriot and American Hero, Dr. Michael Scheuer, is the former head of the Bin Laden Unit; a 25 year CIA intelligence officer and operator.

Dr. Scheuer had found Osama Bin Laden on various occasions during the 90s; the latest was when Bin Laden was trapped in Tora Bora. At that time, then president Bill Clinton gave the orders for the CIA to stand down, letting Bin Laden escape and go on to supposedly commit the 9/11 attacks. Bill Clinton was interviewed about his part in allowing Bin Laden to escape.

Dr. Scheuer has been a lone courageous voice, shedding the light on Israel's cancerous foreign policy relation with the US in regards to American geopolitical, economic, and national security interests.

He has also been the most sincere and lonesome voice in raising the concern over the Jewish supremacists (as various Jewish scholars such as Dennis Prager, and Dr. Normal Finkelstein shared as well), that are consistently attacking American traditional values. Mostly from the left.

Dennis Prager on the hijacking of Judaism:

Here we reference the Khazarian Jews that have co-opted the Talmudic and subversive agendas which have hijacked modern-day zionism/Judaism.

Links to elements discussed in the interview:

Dr. Michael Scheuer warns Trump of insurrection in 2019 (prior to Covid, lockdowns, and George Floyd):

Ron Paul and Michael Scheuer offer a homework assignment to Rudy Giuliani regarding 9/11:

Bin Laden reads Dr. Michael Scheuer's work:

General Thomas McInerney interview where he drops a bombshell on Michael Scheuer’s Two Mikes podcast with Colonel Mike (November 2nd 2020) regarding “Hammer and Scorecard“ software; and how the deep state will use it to flip the votes for Biden on Election Day (November 2 2020):

Dr. Scheuer's blog:

Two Mikes website:

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