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Good morning Tel Aviv!

Surprise attack from Palestinian Resistance

Advanced Resistance occupies settlements

Rockets Reign


Resistance Military News puts out videos of capture and action

Strategic Military Raids

But what about the Geopolitics?

Iraq + Hezbollah + ++ stand ready

Iraqi Islamic Resistance group Asa'ib Ahlul Haqq, from the 41st Brigade of Hashd al-Shaabi, says it is ready to assist the Palestinian Mouqawamah in Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

Yemen Full Support

Tehran [ Iran ]



The Taliban has reportedly asked Iran, Iraq and Jordan to grant them passage to Israel so that they can "conquer Jerusalem".

The announcement also comes just days after Ahmed Massoud, the leader of the National Resistance Front in Afghanistan - the primary group fighting the Taliban in the country - said that he would be willing to work with Israel as part of a peace initiative.

Remember the billions in weapons + China? Keep that in mind for later.

Enter Russia

As a member of the Middle East Quartet and an influential player in the region, Russia has been communicating with Israel, Palestine, and Arab countries regarding the conflict.

Blame America

Enter Putin

In addition, Tehran has shipped Assad missiles and other weapons, while using Syria as a conduit by which to arm its terrorist allies, Hezbollah and Hamas, in Lebanon and Gaza. In fact, Iran’s military support of Assad has been its springboard for expanding its influence in the region. Now Russia is pursuing a similar policy.

Further proof?

What comes next?

Christian and Muslim unity

Life comes at you fast

Dance Goodbye

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