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The Crime Spike Explained by Barry Latzer

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Barry Latzer, Professor Emeritus in Criminal Justice at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, where he taught for 30 years.

Professor Latzer is the author of a new book called The Myth of Overpunishment. A Defense of the American Justice System, and a Plan to Reduce Incarceration while Protecting the Public.

Professor Latzer said that the notion of "mass incarceration" is inaccurate and diminishing. The crime wave we are seeing today is a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The lockdowns that were a feature of the Covid-era provided criminals the means and opportunities for criminal aggressiveness that has led to a crime spike. Added to that source of the crime spike is another; namely, the flood of illegal aliens flowing over America's southern border with the complete support and financial assistance of the Biden Administration.

The only way to end the second cause of the crime spike, is to close the southern border completely. Other problems that must be solved include the fact that (a) 80-percent of those who are incarcerated are released prior to serving their full sentence, (b) the fact that myriad Soros-bought prosecutors are releasing individuals arrested for felonies without trial, and (c) the fact of the steadily growing rate of Black-on-Black violence, which is responsible for the fact that 50-percent of all murder victims are Black.

Point (c) primarily explains that crime, not racism, is the reason for the large number of incarcerated Blacks.

Professor Latzer concluded our talk with an intriguing plan to use electronic means to assist parolees not to go back to their previous criminal activities.

Professor Latzer's fine book is available in hard and soft cover at Amazon.


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