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They are All in on The Grift with Michele Swinick

Updated: May 8

Today, The Two Mikes recorded an episode that seems, at long last, to explain how the 2020 and 2022 elections were stolen without any of the sophisticated electronic tools, computer systems, and other esoteric means that have been talked about on our show and many others since 2020. Our guest today, Michele Swinick, who has worked as an election-day official in Arizona elections in Maricopa County, explains in clear and commonsense terms how the Maricopa elections were stolen by cooperation among Democrats, Republicans, and civil servants by the simple means of (a) not obeying the election laws of the state, its counties, and other localities, and (b) the collusion of all players in both parties working toward the same illegal end. That's it, no whizbang methods, always-wrong experts, or space-age tools, just simple, easily provable, and well-documented illegalities. There also is no need or reason for circus-like, big-name shows criss-crossing the country to explain the "maze of cheating" that supposedly occurred during the elections -- for just the cost of admission, of course. The Two Mikes have done quite a few shows on the issue, but this show with Ms. Swinick and two previous show with Joe Freid -- makes the most sense and is backed up fully by the state's own election and post-election documents. Ms. Swinick's rattlingly good presentation and concise factual statements show that "none of us have a country so long as the uniparty is in control", a conclusion that seems all too accurate. She adds, moreover, that items from Arizona's menu of cheating methods are used by other states in order to arrange elections that keep the uniparty in power. @EverythingHomeT 


Our guest, Michele Swinick (@EverythingHomeT), and her colleague-in arms, the attorney Leon Donofrio (@lcdlaw1), used the fully legal method of time-consuming research in public documents, namely securing those documents by request from Arizona's version of the Freedom of information act. The state, at times made it hard for Ms. Swinick at times -- for example, by limiting her visits to one important document repository to one a month -- but through patience and hard work seems to have proved without doubt that both parties -- the uniparty -- cooperated at every step of the way and got the results they wanted.Ms Swinick and her colleague have worked long and hard and, using the state's own election government, have found and documented that many of the officers running the election disobeyed the law, lied, and failed to record information about the elections required by law; all easily found facts that should void the 2020 and 2024 elections. But none of the of the defeated candidates, from either party, in the two elections, have shown any interest in using the air-tight evidence of fraud put together by Ms. Swinick and her colleague that has been presented to them. Neither defeated senatorial candidate Abe Hamadeh nor gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, have been interested in considering the full story that tells of comprehensive cheating by those who ran the selections. Very Odd that defeated candidates -- one a flamboyant national figure -- have no interest in easily proving they were denied their victories by well-documented official fraud.


Ms. Swinick and Mr. Donofrio are the leaders of the "Save My liberty Movement" and two of their most informative podcasts -- along with 300 other episodes and supporting documents -- are available for listeners and readers. - for free!  Citations for the two pivotal podcasts follow:


#278 NEW ELECTION FRAUD EXPOSED! Maricopa County ADMITS It Has NO Chain Of Custody Reports For How Many Voters Checked-In At The Polls On Nov 8th + AZGOP, MCRC, RNC & Lake’s Team KNEW A.R.S. 16-602 Was VIOLATED & The Law Was BROKEN!


#280 Maricopa County Admits There Are NO Reports Recording How Many Voters Checked-In Nov 8th & AZGOP, MCRC, RNC & Lake’s Team Knew AZ Law 16-602 Was BROKEN! | LEWIS HERMS


Ms. Swinick's e-mail is:, Tel: 602 885 7607; Rumble podcast:  Save My Freedom Movement, TV Show & Podcast – FRIDAYS @ 4pm PT

The Movement's websites with other commentary and documents are:;; and


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