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Real News and History with Mike King

Updated: May 8

Today, The Two Mikes had the good fortune to speak with Mike King, who runs and writes from a site called "Real News and History" (


Mr. King is known as a "correctionist historian" and has the courage and talent to take on the lies that have for decades taken the place of truth in the writing of both popular and academic history. Mr. King said that one highly important fact that all Americans should remember is that when almost any historian or politician speaks in public and starts by explaining that he is going to talk about an issue that is "extremely complex", the listener can be sure that the speaker is going to turn a relatively simple issue into an issue that is impossible for ordinary Americans to understand. Making a simple issue "extremely complex" is meant to make Americans uninformed, fearful, and line up with their traditional loyalty and patriotism to support the deceitful academics and politicians they have been trained in school to respect.


There is, for example, nothing hard to understand, for, about Ukraine; it's about the U.S. and NATO wanting to use that country against Russia, to fill it with chemical weapons labs to make plagues to use against Russia and the common citizens of the West; as well as about the corrupt skimming off the money sent there to "help" that country: About Israel: The enormous U.S. funding sent there is not to "protect the only democracy in the Middle East" but ensure that a part of the money to be used by the Israeli security services to control the U.S. Congress and federal bureaucracy; and About NATO: it's about tricking the American people into believing that the shameful amount of their taxes that are sent to NATO is mean to defend democracy for Europeans, even as their own governments grow authoritarian, discriminate against the native born, and flood the continent with foreigners who want supremacy not assimilation; and, finally, About the U.S. Civil War: all politicians and almost all academics peddle the nonsense that the war was fought simply and only to free the slaves. This is not only a lie, it is the mutilation of any plan for producing history that is as close to the truth as is possible. Lincoln, it should be remembered, raised 75,000 troops and invaded the south after the cannonading for Fort Sumter, an ancient and decaying facility only good for the offshore collection of the national tariffs that always overwhelmingly favored the economic and industrial development of the north. Quite simply, Americans in 1861 would never have fought a Civil War to free the slaves at the ultimate expense of 800,000 Americans, north and south. The war was not caused by but did end slavery. 


Mr. King runs a fine and very smart website. He is a brave, excellent and very provocative writer, and his timely and pertinent work is available at https://realnewsand

Take a look at some of it and feel your eyes being opened.




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