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The Rainbow People Went From ‘We just want equal rights’ To ‘It’s OK to want to fuck children’

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Network Radio got suspended from Twitter five years ago for typing “all pedophiles must hang” in a Twitter thread, while battling literally self proclaimed pedophiles, whom are protected by Twitter. We covered that in a video during that time, but YouTube nuked our account so it will be uploaded onto the new site.

A previous TEDx talk that I posted on Facebook years ago (account nuked as well) and also mentioned in a prior blog post here, where they are openly promoting the normalization of pedophilia, was dismissed as a one-off. Mainly because it was too early; the woke-topians were not conditioned enough at the time they tried testing the needle.

So here we are today, with a “non-binary” AKA a person with body dysmorphia, Allyn Walker, who happens to be an Assistant Professor at Old Dominion University, openly defending pedophiles in an interview with the Prostasia Foundation (this foundation promotes the legalization of child sex-dolls ).

The manner they get away and operate under, is always by playing with the vocabulary. Same old Talmudic rubbish we are used to seeing. Check for yourself:

It’s not “pedophile”, you hear? It’s “minor attracted person”.

See? Much nicer 🧸

These social goons focus on the feels of the situation; the term “pedophile“ has more stigma says the Assistant Professor.

The pedo-sympathizers are more concerned about the ‘stigma’, rather than the fact that there are adults that want to be accepted with their fantasies of fucking children.

Logic would dictate that adults who are sexually attracted to children should be walking with alarm bells instead of being downplayed and normalized.

Walker is the author of “A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity”, a book that normalizes pedophiles.

Can you believe this person is an assistant professor at a higher education institute?

’All we want is equal rights‘ they said. Now they want to openly talk about fucking kids.

And for the folks that tell you these are isolated incidents, show them this video where parents are finding out that Pedophilia-ridden Perverse literature is rampant all across public school libraries. Trust me, you’re going to want to see this for yourself, and it will shock you:

Don’t let your kids go to college, and make sure you home school them. Or they may end up indoctrinated to accept the most vile filth known to mankind.

Sometime around New Years, Network Radio shared the Ashley Biden diary entries that the FBI just got their hands on. Biden’s daughter alleges in this diary, that he used to take inappropriate showers with her. So look forward to an expose on that soon, because we have a child groping Pedo-in-Cheif whom is more than delighted to further push this sick agenda.

0.001% are extremely upset that this is being exposed. Make sure to spread it.

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