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A Case for The BBB with Barry Moore

Updated: Mar 28

Today, the Two Mikes spoke with Mr. Barry Moore, a good and valued friend of our podcast, and earlier of our efforts on the radio.

Currently, Mr. Moore is the President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Central Virginia, (BBB, Mr. Moore noted that the BBB was founded in 1912, and from that time till this the Bureau has not received a cent of support from any government. All of its money come from the business and citizens who contribute to support the BBB’s work. Moreover, the BBB has nothing to do with any government. The BBB’s activities are solely intended to help the community it represents – in Mr. Moore’s case Central Virginia -- to work together, as well as to protect the businesses that abide by the BBB’s standards and to help all citizens who are looking for a particular service to find firms they can count on, and thereby avoid companies that cut corners, leave work partially completed, or are just plain scammers.

Indeed, the BBB’s website has created and maintains a Scam Tracker for the use of would-be customers seeking to steer clear of fraudsters, scammers, or other bad apples. Mr. Moore concluded by recommending this year’s “CEO Convention”. It is being organized by Liberty University’s Provost Dave Bratt and will be held at the school in the September-October, 2024timeframe. The convention’s precise dates will be announced shortly. Music Credit: John Vincent III - Bluebird Singing




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