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Corruption on Top of Corruption with Tom deSabla

Updated: May 8

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Tom deSabla, a good friend of our show, dyed-in-the wool Libertarian and a fine economist.The subject of the collapse of the Baltimore Bridge was fresh on the news and Mr. deSabla noted that, in one way or another, the federal government will screw up the reconstruction of the bridge. Well, lo and behold, several congressman have said -- this after Biden pledged that his government would cover all the costs (probably minus what it skims of the top -- that while they have plenty of money for all the Democrat's policies and plans aimed at destroying America, there may not be enough money for the bridge, which, if true, would all but kill the port of Baltimore and quickly erode the already fading economic activity in the eastern United States.Mr.deSabla also noted that the huge spending bills being passed by the Congress to fund projects for rewarding illegal aliens for their crimes, transgenderism, climate change and closing family farms, and many other items that should never be supported by taxpayer dollars are being passed with Republican assistance.Thus, we have at hand a truly bipartisan effort to destroy the republic, Always both erudite and entertaining, we look forward to Mr. deSabla's return.





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