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Nate Cain Drops The Nukes on West Virginia and DC Part II

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Nate Cain, a true Republican candidate for Congress from West Virginia’s 2nd congressional district. The interview turned out to be a humdinger and a bit lengthy, so we are publishing in two parts.


Mr. Cain is an Army veteran, and also has been a civilian employee of the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the FBI. While working for the FBI, Mr. Cain became one of the most important whistle-blowers we have ever heard of. During his FBI tenure 2017-2018, Nate saw FBI documents that showed that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her associates in Obama’s regime – at the highest levels, such as two FBI Directors and other senior DOJ officials, and major Clinton donors – had behaved treasonously, and otherwise criminally via money-laundering, “pay-to-play”, and illegal transfers of uranium to Russia. Mr. Cain took the documents to Congressman Devin Nunes and received whistle-blower protection under the law, but the FBI fired him and raided his home, taking his electronic devices and deeply upsetting his wife and children. Giving enormous credence to Mr. Cain’s claims about the nature of the information he delivered to Nunes is that fact that he still holds his security clearances, showing that he acted legally and truthfully by getting the documents to Congress, and that the FBI, DOJ, the Clintons and the Obamas knew that and feared if the issue was not buried “it could bring down the whole government.”


In his congressional race in West Virginia’s 2nd district, Mr. Cain stands as center-right Republican with a Christian perspective on the world, and says he is determined to fight the neo-fascist corporatism that is now abroad in his state and the nation. He has been conducting a grass roots, very localized campaign to get his message out, so far clocking 60,000 miles on the family car in the effort. After he entered the race, members of the Republican caucus in the state’s legislature asked him to drop out in favor of his opponent. His opponent is Riley Moore, the nephew of Republican U.S. Senator Moore Capito. Mr. Cain refused and afterward found it nearly impossible to schedule any radio interviews in the state. The refusals from radio programs included the biggest radio voice in the state, one that covers every county in West Virginia. Why, well the Moore family is plenty wealthy and former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy was quick to endorse Riley Moore immediately as soon as he entered the race. There still seems to be RINO’s rampant in West Virginia. 


Mr. Cain’s opponent, Riley Moore, was West Virginia’s treasurer and won applause – including from The Two Mikes, for which we humbly offer this mea culpa for getting slicked – for fighting the attempt of banks to enforce their ESG rules against energy companies in West Virginia. Mr. Cain spent the second half of the program suggesting quite strongly that Mr. Moore may not be the conservative he claims to be.


Before returning to West Virginia, Mr. Cain alleged Mr. Moore worked in Washington as a “Registered Foreign Agent” that is he was a lobbyist of the Congress for the interests of foreign organizations and countries like Hong Kong, after its return to China, Somalia, and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. He also worked with John and Tony Podesta, the later a noted collector of “art” showing children in unusual activities. He also worked with Tony Podesta in Ukraine where he helped Podesta's lobbying activities, but during which he was not registered as a “Foreign Agent”.


Most recently, Moore has been associated with John Podesta to bring a large battery project to the northern part of West Virginia. The scoundrels behind this project are Bill Gates and George Soros and they have scrounged $290 million dollars in West Virginia taxpayer money for building facilities and manufacturing the batteries – Riley Moore through a proxy voted for $220 million-dollars of that amount. They also have already persuaded the U.S. Congress give them an exemption from a standing ban on Chinese technology and hardware for use in such projects, and an exemption from the Environmental Protection Agency from a ban meant to keep polluted water from the project being dumped into fresh waters, in this case the Ohio River. Shades of Palestine Ohio. The Gates-Soros team also refused to guarantee that most of the 750 jobs created by the project would go to West Virginians. Doesn’t sound like much of a bargain for working or unemployed West Virginians.

Instead of take me home West Virginia we say, Take the $290 million back.




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