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The Border Wars with Nicole McCaw

Updated: May 8

Today, The Two Mikes talked with Nicole McCaw, a journalist and documentary-maker, who is focused on the unfolding, federal-government orchestrated disaster that is occurring along America's southern border.

Ms. McCaw explained that her investigations have shown that 60-percent to 80-percent of the many thousands of women and children who are being trafficked across the southern border have been raped -- many repeatedly -- or otherwise molested. Almost 16.5 million illegal aliens have been allowed into America since 2021, Ms. McCaw said. She also said that her investigations found that the Biden regime also is doing virtually nothing to stop the inflow of fentanyl into the country.

In essence, Ms. McCaw said, this China-supported smuggling of fentanyl is nothing less than an attack on the United States by a weapon of mass destruction, with 400 Americans now dying each day as result of fentanyl. Ms. McCaw stressed that too many Americans still have no clear idea of how lethally dangerous this U.S. government-protected human-inundation is both to the country's peace and prosperity, and the survival of the United States.This anti-American attack on the United States by the Biden Administration also is being supported by some of the best-known NGOs, including Catholic, Mormon, Lutheran charities.

She and her associate Tim Rose have made a 1-hour-and-20 minute documentary called "Border Wars", information about which can be found at




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