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We will start off by acknowledging the following points:

  1. The US government no longer represents the American people

  2. Russia is combating the New World Order, and has parallels to Pre WWII Germany

  3. The US is supporting the New World Order, and has parallels to Pre WWII Germany

  4. China is taking advantage of the New World Order and is the Wildcard

  5. Whites and Christians are in a slow-boil genocide

America is unconditionally Pro-Ukraine?

These leaders are morally bankrupt. How much blood and treasure did we lose?

How Many millions are displaced, slaughtered, and wiped from history?

American Last

Who is voting to send our money overseas? Are the Americans ever asked to approve?

Just as you didn't vote for the spending, you didn't vote for the WHO + Paris Accord treaties

(Watch the interview with Todd Callender + Countdown to Extinction for more on the WHO treaty)

Interview with Todd Callender:

Countdown to Extinction:

The NWO will not stop and it is all on purpose

False Flags are the norm

Texas Elementary shooting: (There are many conflicting posts and news articles, as well as anecdotal pieces. Please validate for yourself. At this time this is what is circulating)