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We will start off by acknowledging the following points:

  1. The US government no longer represents the American people

  2. Russia is combating the New World Order, and has parallels to Pre WWII Germany

  3. The US is supporting the New World Order, and has parallels to Pre WWII Germany

  4. China is taking advantage of the New World Order and is the Wildcard

  5. Whites and Christians are in a slow-boil genocide

America is unconditionally Pro-Ukraine?

These leaders are morally bankrupt. How much blood and treasure did we lose?

How Many millions are displaced, slaughtered, and wiped from history?

American Last

Who is voting to send our money overseas? Are the Americans ever asked to approve?

Just as you didn't vote for the spending, you didn't vote for the WHO + Paris Accord treaties

(Watch the interview with Todd Callender + Countdown to Extinction for more on the WHO treaty)

The NWO will not stop and it is all on purpose

False Flags are the norm

Texas Elementary shooting: (There are many conflicting posts and news articles, as well as anecdotal pieces. Please validate for yourself. At this time this is what is circulating)

Both TX and Buffalo shooter were communicating with "Armand" on Discord.

Frens Chan channel on Telegram, Armand posts "Texas 13 days woooooooooo" thirteen days before the TX Elementary School Shooting.

Channel changed since.

Video breaking down all these anomalies can be watched here:

Furthermore, post from Uvalde PD. Read the date and the content.

The Buffalo Shooting:

Notice the man opening the trunk, being shot at the same time as the first female victim on the street is. Notice the shooter's marksmanship. Notice towards the end, he apologizes to the person in red (clerk?) and doesn't shoot.

Similarities of early warning signs online, anomalies and inconsistencies

They push fear-porn to take your guns and keep you scared

Do not comply:

MonkeyPox the new BoogieMan...


NWO Globohomo spawning The Fourth Reich

The Sentiment among the people is growing with a divide

The Cloud is the next (Meta-Verse) takeover?

More on the digital takeover:

We covered Uval Noah Hararari and eluded to the Fourth Reich developing under "Dark MAGA" here:

Klaus' Schwab's underground counterpart, 'Prophet' Jacques Attali


Israel has been subverting our military intelligence to China

Twenty Five year CIA intelligence operator and Head of the Bin Laden Unit covers this many times in his blog:

There is a divide and people are starting to mimic sentiment pre WWII Germany:

But white folks have their reasons? And is this purposeful by the media to push a divide and extremism?

The media is pumping out white replacement, but constantly claims it's an anti-semitic conspiracy theory:

Jewish Americans need to take a stand against the Talmudic high-jackers (Khazarians) or they will be blamed as well, especially on Abortion, First Amendment (ADL), Globohomo...

Chuck Schumer under fire

Alex Jones takes swipe at Schumer for replacement and supremacy

ADL and Congress constantly trying to push "hate speech" laws and censor first amendment

The Media pushes for further divide:

America waking up to the Globohomo

They are grooming the kids:

But they don't want parents to interfere:

Parallels to Pre-WWII Germany

Americans have had enough... and it's all coming to a head:

Patriots want to be in control

It is done by the Fifth Column

It is time to choose

Putin has been fighting off the NWO and Dr. Lee Merritt dropped some bombshells:

Click this link for a catalog with detailed infographics on the situation in Ukraine:

Russia on path of collision with Israel? Or triggering Samson Option?

J B Wells with Dr. Scheuer, Russia in similar situation with Pre-WWII Germany:

China to invade US?

This is Good vs Evil

America what happened?

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